Link Building Services – Choosing The Right Agency

According to an Ahrefs study, “Generally speaking, the more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google.”

Link building is a crucial activity that can catapult a website from obscurity to the top search engine results, and Google confirmed that links are among the top three ranking factors in its search algorithm.

Because of this, finding the best link building services is an essential task. The problem is that it can also be challenging and time-consuming, and making the wrong choice could cost you big.

I’m here to help you with that.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Link Building Services Basics
  • What to Look For in a Link Building Agency
  • Link Building Companies to Stay Away From
  • Link Building Services That Improve Organic Rankings
  • And Much More

By the end, you’ll have a much easier time choosing the right link building company and services to help get your website ranked at the top of Google.

Let’s get into it.

Quick Start – The Best Link Building Agency

We’ll save you some time if you want to cut to the chase and start building your website’s authority and rankings immediately.

At SirLinksalot, 1,400 brands in more than 70 countries trust us to handle the crucial task of creating quality backlinks.

We’ve established this trust through our focus on: 

  • Quality over quantity
  • A holistic approach to what’s currently working to rank websites
  • A wide range of different link building services
  • Adherence to link building best practices
  • Transparent reporting
  • A proven track record with public case studies
  • Continuous testing and optimization

From a-la-carte backlink options to a completely done-for-you service, our services are a perfect fit for anyone. From the complete novice to the seasoned professional looking to outsource their link building, we’ve got you covered.

Find out more below!

Link Building Services Basics

Before going any further, let’s quickly cover some things for those that might be a little lost.

Feel free to skip this section if that does not apply to you.

What is a Link Building Service?

A link building service is provided by an SEO professional or agency and involves building backlinks to help increase the client’s organic rankings.

Backlinks are like votes of confidence that show Google that your site is trustworthy.

The Benefits of Link Building Services

We know that link building services can help increase your organic rankings. Here are some more potential benefits:

  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Enhanced online visibility
  • Expanded brand exposure
  • High domain authority
  • Increased referral traffic
  • Improved credibility and trustworthiness
  • Long-term SEO benefits

A Disclaimer RE: Holistic SEO

While link building is crucial, it isn’t the end-all of search engine optimization. It’s just one piece of the puzzle. 

Other SEO aspects like keyword research, content quality, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and site performance are also critical.

Previously, focusing only on backlinks as a ranking method was much more viable, but these days it’s much more effective to focus on all parts.

Types of Companies That Build Backlinks

There are a few types of link building companies, and your choice will depend on your needs.

Link Building Agency

Link building agencies specialize in acquiring backlinks for your site. 

They can offer a large range of a-la-carte services, where you pick what you need and retain more control, or done-for-you services, where they handle everything related to link building.

We (SirLinksalot) are a high quality link building agency. We build many different types of backlinks daily – mainly through outreach and relationship-building with other website owners.

SirLinksalot is a link building agency that offers a variety of backlink services.

Besides being more specialized at building backlinks, one major advantage to link building agencies is that they tend to be significantly cheaper than full-on SEO agencies.

But due to that lower price, link building agencies do not handle things like on-page SEO, creating new content for your website, technical SEO, etc.

SEO Agency

An SEO agency provides a full suite of SEO services, including link building. They take a holistic approach to boost your site’s search engine visibility.

As mentioned previously, a holistic approach to SEO is the best approach. This includes everything from content to on-page to technical SEO.

However, SEO agencies will charge much more than those that only build backlinks.

If you need all aspects of SEO done for you, this is your best choice (also for local businesses).

But a more specialized link building company could be a better option if you want to manage things like your content yourself or save some money.

PR Agency

PR agencies primarily focus on managing your public image. 

However, they often help with SEO link building by securing press coverage, including links back to your website.

The links that good PR agencies build tend to be very high-end links from major publications, and they can take significant amounts of time and resources to build.

As such, PR agencies tend to charge quite a bit more for backlinks.

While these backlinks are very potent, it’s not something we recommend most websites to focus on until the later stages of brand and authority building (after your website already has significant traffic and visibility).

If you have a large budget, PR agencies can make a great addition to an SEO or link building agency.


Freelancers are independent workers who offer SEO services, including SEO link building.

A freelance link builder reaching out to us.

They can be cost-effective but may not provide the range or scale of services that agencies do.

The major problem with link building freelancers is that a high percentage of them are sketchy at best, with many being outright scammers.

There are good freelancers out there, but be warned! We recommend you have more experience auditing backlinks and SEO services before going this route.

Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing agencies create engaging content to attract and retain a clearly-defined target audience. 

They can create content for publication on other sites which include backlinks to your site, or they can create content for your website to try to attract backlinks.

Content marketing can be a very effective strategy for acquiring natural backlinks over time.

The downsides are that each content piece can be hit or miss in its ability to attract backlinks and that the entire process can often be very time-consuming.

We like content marketing as an addition to a more reliable source of steady backlinks.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Link Building Agency

Once you’ve decided on the type of link building company that best fits your needs, you need to choose a specific company.

Here are some things to look for and ask about.

Quality Control / Metrics

Any reputable link building agency will have a robust quality control system in place, and they will provide clear metrics to evaluate the worth of the sites they target for backlinks. 

Metrics of a quality domain for link building.

Measures such as Domain Rating (DR), Trust Flow and Citation Flow (TF/CF), Domain Authority (DA), Organic Traffic, etc., can indicate the value of a domain your backlinks are placed on. 

A lot more goes into determining if it’s a quality backlink (and some people have differing opinions). Still, you should look for an agency that clearly states its methods for determining quality as it reflects the agency’s commitment and transparency to delivering value.

Quality vs. Quantity

The best link building companies know that the main focus of link building should be on quality, not quantity. 

Instead of generating a large volume of low-quality links, which could lead to penalties from search engines or carry little to no value, the agency should concentrate on acquiring fewer high-quality backlinks. 

These backlinks should come from reputable and relevant websites, leading to a stronger, more effective link profile.

Many site owners have come to us for backlink audits over the years who went the quantity route due to lower costs. 

While they might have seen some short-term gains, in the long term, it costs them more time and resources to recover.

There’s a reason it’s called churn and burn SEO!

Value Alignment and Best Practices

Ensure the agency’s values align with yours, particularly regarding SEO best practices. 

Best practices can change depending on which value system you prefer: strict white hat link building, less strict white hat, gray hat, and black hat.

While we lean to the more white-hat side of things, there are still certain truths (or very educated guesses) that apply to link building and SEO in general, no matter what hat you wear and your level of risk tolerance.

Determining if a link building company is adhering to best practices can be tricky if you don’t know much about it, and some will outright lie and state falsehoods to secure sales. 

So try to educate yourself, and don’t be afraid to press the agency on your issues.


While it’s essential to consider the cost, be cautious of agencies offering bargain rates that seem too good to be true. 

Often, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and results. 

The most cost-effective agency is not always the best choice. Be prepared to invest in quality link building services that can deliver desired results.

And on the other hand, make sure you’re not getting taken for a ride, either!

According to Ahrefs, the average cost of buying a link is $361.44, but this can vary greatly depending on link type and metrics.

Price differences for different types of backlinks.

Be prepared to shop around before choosing the right link building services provider.

Types of Links Built

Not all links are created equal. 

An effective agency should have the expertise to build a diverse mix of links, including editorial links, resource page links, business profile links, link insertions, etc. 

Each type has its place in a balanced and varied link profile, and the agency should be capable of developing a strategy that incorporates a mixture of these.

Also, be careful that the provider is not selling one thing disguised as another. For example, make sure they’re not selling you cheap PBN links but calling them guest posts.

Measuring Progress

Measuring progress can be a tricky thing, even for the best link building agencies, considering backlinks only make up one part of the SEO equation.

If a website owner has really dropped the ball with keyword research or content, for example, the site will most likely not get anywhere close to the results they’d like, no matter how many backlinks are built.

Still, a responsible agency will have some kind of system in place to measure the progress of your link building campaign. 

Measuring link building results with Ahrefs.

They should provide you with clear criteria or metrics, such as increases in organic traffic and organic keywords, improvement in search engine rankings, more impressions or clicks, etc.

Monitoring and Reporting

Your agency should provide regular updates on your campaign’s progress, ideally with KPIs that reflect your specific goals and objectives. 

If you are ordering links a-la-carte, this will most likely not be part of the reporting, though.

In that case, the reporting will most likely just be showing the exact URLs your links have been placed on, along with the anchor text used, site metrics, etc.

Whether you are ordering links a-la-carte or having a full-on link campaign executed, the company should always at least show you the links they have built.

Case Studies

Case studies offer a window into an agency’s capabilities and success stories. 

They can show you whether the agency has a proven track record of successful link building campaigns and has achieved substantial client results. 

Link building case studies are great for helping make a choice.

Look for detailed case studies that demonstrate the agency’s strategies and their effectiveness, but note that in many cases, the exact clients and websites will not be revealed due to privacy and safety concerns.

The main thing to look for is that they really know their stuff, so look for case studies that are in-depth rather than skin-deep.

Like many things on the internet, a simple case study could easily be faked!

The Types of SEO Link Building Services That Work

There are many different types of link building services out there, which can make things overwhelming for a beginner to take in.

Here are the types of link building services that work in our experience building links to over 1,400 clients.

Relationship-Based Link Building

Relationship-based link building revolves around forging genuine relationships with influencers, industry peers, bloggers, and other key players in your niche.

This is an organic method of securing high-quality backlinks. 

It may be a slower process compared to other strategies, but it’s worth the effort, as links earned this way often come from quality sources.

Links obtained from this type of link building service may also be called guest posts, niche edits/link insertions, or editorial links.

At the end of the day, they are all very similar as they are backlinks placed contextually on real websites.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building involves finding dead or non-working links on other websites, then reaching out to the site owner to suggest replacing the broken link with a link to your own relevant content. 

Broken link building to build easy backlinks.

This not only helps the site owner improve their user experience by removing broken links, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain a quality backlink.

Some link building companies may offer this as part of their overall backlink strategy, but it’s generally not something you rely on as one of your main link building tactics.

All in all, this is stay a good way to get white hat links.

Guest Post Link Building

Guest posting is one of the most popular link building tactics (maybe the most popular) that involves writing content for another website or blog, typically with a backlink to your site included within the content.

Besides paying attention to the usual things like relevance and domain quality, it’s also important to guest post on sites that do not advertise that they accept guest posts or force you to use an author box or a sponsored tag.

Guest posts may also be called outreach, blogger outreach, editorial links, or relationship-based link building.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is when you create high-quality, engaging, and share-worthy content that others will naturally want to link to. 

This can include blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, or any other form of content that provides value to readers.

Content marketing is a great way to attract natural links to your website over time, but creating this type of content can often be very difficult as it needs to be much better than similar content on the internet.

Some agencies will only provide content marketing, while others might provide it along with other types of link building services.

Unlinked Mention Link Building

Unlinked mention link building involves reaching out to sites and politely asking them to insert a link back to your site when they have mentioned your brand but not included a link previously.

This only really works, however, if you already have a brand that is being talked about quite a bit online.

Like broken link building, this is an effective strategy, but it won’t come close to making up the bulk of the backlinks you are building.

Resource Link Building

Resource link building involves creating high-value resources on your website, such as how-to guides, eBooks, industry studies, tutorials, or statistics. 

You can then reach out to websites that link to similar resources and suggest they might also like to link to your resource.

Not only that, but when writers are looking for articles to cite, they may find your article and use it.

This is a form of content marketing, and it can also produce high-quality links over time.

Outreach Link Building (Blogger Outreach)

Outreach link building is a proactive strategy that involves reaching out directly to bloggers, influencers, or website owners and persuading them to link to your content. 

A man performing manual link outreach.

This often involves pitching the value of your content and explaining how it could benefit their audience.

This is really the same thing as guest posting, editorial links, and relationship-based link building.

You are reaching out to websites, building relationships, and trying to get content posted on their websites with a link back to your own. 

White Label Link Building Services

White label link building services are provided by one company but can be rebranded and sold by another. 

This can be particularly beneficial for digital marketing or SEO agencies that wish to offer link building services to their clients but lack the necessary in-house expertise or resources.

For example, we work with many search engine optimization agencies and other companies that offer link building to their clients but don’t have the teams in place to do it themselves.

So they hire us, we take care of their white label link building, and then they pass the link reports off to their clients as if it was their own work.

Pillow Links

Pillow links are used to create a diversified and natural-looking backlink profile. 

They are a category of backlinks that typically consists of no-follow links from various sources like social media profiles, forums, blog comments, directories, web 2.0s, citations, etc. 

While these might not carry the same SEO weight as do-follow links, they contribute to a balanced link profile which is necessary to stay out of trouble with Google.

This type of link building service will usually cost much less than something like outreach because anyone with the expertise can go and create these types of links for free – it just takes knowledge and time.

Backlink Audit Services

Backlink audit services involve analyzing all of the backlinks to your site to identify any potentially harmful ones, such as links from low-quality or spammy sites. 

You can then remove or disavow all the links to avoid penalties.

This isn’t so much a link building service, but it is related, and it’s something that may be necessary for those that hired a sub-par backlink company in the past or tried to do things themselves without the necessary expertise. 

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is a unique platform that connects journalists and bloggers with industry experts. 

HARO is a popular link building service.

By signing up and responding to journalists’ questions about topics in your industry, you have the opportunity to be cited in their articles and earn high-quality backlinks from reputable news sites.

Some link building companies may offer this as part of their offerings as the links it yields can be very good (although they may be nofollow in many cases).

The pricing for HARO services can be a bit tricky, as it’s very hard to guarantee placements with any kind of predictability.

You will still want to engage in other types of link building activities, but HARO is always a welcome addition to a link building campaign. 

Quality PBN Links

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) involve using a network of “fake” websites to build backlinks to your primary website. 

Each site in the network is built on a separate domain and offers the potential to control the anchor text and content around the backlink. 

It’s essential to use PBNs cautiously and to avoid low-quality PBNs, as they are considered a black hat link building tactic and can result in penalties from search engines. 

Always ensure that any PBN is high-quality, relevant, and used responsibly, and never use this type of link building service as the main type of backlink you are building.

And most importantly, make sure the link building agency is not doing something like advertising guest post links but really selling you PBN links.

The big draws of PBN links are that they are cheap and powerful, but using them will depend on your risk tolerance and the skills of the agency.

Niche Edits (Link Insertions)

Niche edits, also known as link insertions, are a strategy involving adding a link to your site in an existing article on another website. 

This is done through outreach, offering a value exchange to the site owner. 

The key benefit of niche edits is that your link can be placed in high-quality, relevant, and established content, giving you immediate access to the audience of that content and the power of the domain. 

It’s an effective strategy for gaining relevant backlinks, but like all strategies, it should be used as part of a diversified link-building approach.

Link insertions are very similar to link building services like blogger outreach, guest posting, relationship-based link building, etc., except the links will come from existing content rather than new content.

Link Building Services to Stay Away From

Here are the link building services that you should avoid like the plague.

That being said, even if you bought some services like these in the past, know that link building recovery is always possible. 

In some cases, Google might even just ignore the bad backlinks entirely.


While Fiverr can offer excellent services for various tasks, we can’t really recommend it for link building purposes.

Fiverr's cheap and low-quality backlink options.

The problem is that the services offered here are generally low-cost and, as a result, low-quality. They often rely on spammy tactics that may seem to work in the short term, but they can cause significant damage to your SEO in the long run. 

That being said, not all Fiverr backlinks are horrible.

The problem is that most are, and finding the good services takes someone that really knows what they are looking for.

We also did a case study recently in which we intentionally used some low-quality Fiverr backlinks as one part of a push simulating natural press, but this is a very advanced link-building tactic.

Low-Quality Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Private Blog Networks can provide some value in certain contexts, but low-quality PBNs pose a significant risk. 

These networks are typically made up of low-quality sites that are easily identifiable by search engines.

Using them could lead to penalties and harm your website’s search engine ranking. It’s always better to invest in higher-quality PBNs or other types of links that won’t get you into any kind of trouble.

Like with anything else, be wary when the price starts to get too low, or when packages offer a high amount of PBN links.

Obvious Paid Links and Link Farms

Avoid any SEO link building services that place links on websites that clearly state on their website that they are accepting guest posts, selling links, or saying that you can “write for them.”

A blog with a write for us page.

This is a clear signal to Google that anyone (with a few dollars) can get links on the website.

Not all link farms clearly state that they offer opportunities for paid links, so you should also look out for websites that look like they serve no purpose other than posting low-quality articles to build backlinks.

This may be a little tricky to ascertain without much link building experience, but you can look at things like site design, article quality, and so on to see if it looks like the webmasters are putting any love into the site. 

Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites are sites that anyone can sign up for and post content manually. 

These sites often host a vast amount of low-quality articles that anyone can post, leading to a site filled with spammy backlinks. 

You can easily spot such sites by looking at their navigation bar or other important web pages on the site. They will clearly advertise how you can sign up and post on their site.

These types of link building services should never be paid for, and if used at all, they should only make up a small portion of your backlink profile.

Autogenerated Backlinks

Autogenerated backlinks are backlinks created by software and other tools in bulk.

Using GSA to build spam backlinks (software).

These types of links are known to trigger red flags for search engines to issue penalties, as they’re often extremely spammy and low-quality. 

These practices are viewed negatively by Google and other search engines, which prioritize natural, organic link-building over artificially inflated link profiles.

Autogenerated backlinks are extremely cheap, which makes them attractive to people who don’t know any better.

Your link building agency should never be using anything that automatically creates backlinks for you unless you are fully aware of what they are doing and the risks involved.

Instead, look for a company that uses manual link building techniques (white hat link building).

Very Cheap Links

The old saying “you get what you pay for” holds in the world of SEO and link building. 

Very cheap link-building services often resort to low-quality, spammy tactics to deliver large quantities of links at a low cost.

These links usually come from low-quality websites, offer little to no contextual relevance, and can end up hurting your SEO efforts more than helping.

The exception to this rule is with various kinds of Pillow Links, such as citations. 

These types of links are easy for anyone to create (for free) and are part of a well-balanced link building profile. You can buy them cheaply from link building service providers as they don’t take much time or effort to create.

Shared Site Lists and Public Lists

If you have a website that ranks for anything, you’ve most likely received spam emails with lists of domains being offered to get backlinks from.

A spam email with a public link building list.

Shared site lists or public lists are often overused, spammed, and carry little to no SEO value. These types of sites can also carry some risk as Google is most likely aware they are selling links.

Because they’re available to everyone, they tend to lack the unique, high-quality signals that effective link building yields. 

Avoid any services or agencies that use domains available on these types of lists, and look for a link building company that does not disclose domains to get backlinks on before links have been placed on them unless it’s part of a client review process built into their outreach SOP.

No Search Traffic and Bad Metrics

When a link-building service offers links from sites with no organic search traffic or sites with poor metrics, it’s a red flag. 

A website that's been penalized.

Such links are unlikely to contribute positively to your site’s SEO and are not worth much, if anything. 

If a website isn’t attracting any organic traffic, it means that Google doesn’t trust it enough to allow it to rank for any keywords. 

Everyone has different opinions on which metrics matter and which don’t, but you can look at things like DR, DA, Organic Traffic, Organic Keywords, CT/TF, etc.

We like looking at DR and Organic Traffic for quick checks, along with a long list of other things for deeper analysis.


The digital marketing space, unfortunately, is not free from scams. 

Be wary of link-building services that offer unrealistic promises like “instant results” or “guaranteed number one ranking.” 

Anyone who’s been doing SEO for any amount of time knows that promises like these are total BS, especially from a link building agency that doesn’t even have control over things like your site’s content, on-page optimization, etc.

Always do your homework to ensure you’re working with a reputable agency or individual. Check reviews, ask for case studies, and consider asking for recommendations from trusted peers.

Also, be wary of SEO link building scams that involve selling links on domains with inflated metrics. There are ways to artificially increase Traffic and DR so that it looks like the link is coming from a good site, and there are even sellers on Fiverr that sell this as a service.

It helps a lot to be able to audit things yourself to spot high authority domains.

Black Hat Tactics

Black Hat SEO refers to practices that violate search engine guidelines and try to manipulate search rankings unfairly. 

The big examples of black hat link building are PBNs and autogenerated links.

While these tactics may offer some quick wins, they’re usually short-lived and can lead to severe penalties from search engines, including lower rankings or even removal from search results altogether. 

Avoid any agencies or sellers offering these services unless you are well aware of the risks.

Pros of Partnering with a Link Building Agency

Here’s why going with a company that specialized in link building could be for you.

No Hiring or Managing Employees

One significant advantage of partnering with a link building agency is the removal of the need to hire and manage employees specifically for this task. 

Relaxing on the beach with no worries.

This means you bypass the recruitment process, which is time-consuming and challenging, especially when seeking highly specialized roles such as SEO experts and link builders. 

Additionally, the management of these employees – including setting goals, performance tracking, providing feedback, and resolving conflicts – is another layer of responsibility that requires significant time and effort. 

And we haven’t even mentioned yet that you would need the necessary link building expertise to begin hiring these employees and auditing their work.

By outsourcing to an agency, you eliminate these overhead costs and responsibilities, which can result in substantial savings (of both time and money) for your business.

Content Creation and Costs

Content is king in the digital marketing world, and creating high-quality, relevant content is an integral part of effective SEO link building. 

Many link building agencies have a team of professional content creators who specialize in producing content that not only engages your target audience but is also optimized for search engines. 

The costs for this content creation are usually bundled into the agency’s service fees, which can be much more cost-effective than hiring separate content creators or writing it yourself. 

Moreover, the content created by these professionals will be strategically crafted to attract backlinks, increasing the overall effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

While we’ve focused mainly on building links for this article, content creation is an integral part of the process that has its own learning curve.

Don’t Need Expensive Tools

Link building and SEO require the use of specialized tools and software when you are executing campaigns at a professional level. 

Expensive link building tool pricing (Ahrefs).

These tools can help with keyword research, tracking backlinks, analyzing website performance, spying on competitors, building backlinks, and much more. 

However, they often come with hefty price tags. 

By working with a link building agency, you will not need to purchase subscriptions to any of the tools yourself.

No Staff Training

Link building is a complex field that requires a deep understanding of many different areas, including search engine algorithms, keyword research, content creation, website analytics, and more. 

Training your staff in these areas can be costly and time-consuming. 

Furthermore, SEO best practices are constantly evolving, which means ongoing training would be necessary to stay up-to-date and safe from the ever-changing algorithm. 

By partnering with a link building company, you gain access to a team of trained experts and bypass all of the headaches.

Easy Digital PR

A good link building agency will have established relationships with bloggers, influencers, and journalists in various industries. 

They can leverage these connections to get your content shared more widely and attract high-quality backlinks to your site. 

Attempting to build these relationships on your own can be a lengthy and complex process, but a link building agency can offer you instant access to their existing network.

In short, partnering with an agency can save lots of time and be much more efficient, as they are already set up and specialized for the task.

Save Time

Perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of partnering with a link building agency is the amount of time you can save. 

Link building is a time-consuming process that involves many different steps, including content creation, outreach, tracking, and analysis. 

By outsourcing these tasks to an agency, you free up time that you can dedicate to other critical aspects of your business – ones that you specialize in and get a better return for your time.

All in all, this can help you achieve your SEO goals faster rather than trying to learn everything yourself.

Cons of Using a Link Building Company

Here are the downsides of partnering with a company to generate backlinks for you.

Lack of Control

One potential drawback of partnering with a link building agency is the lack of control you might have over your own link building techniques. 

When you hand over this critical aspect of your digital marketing strategy to an external agency, you’re relying on them to understand and execute your vision correctly. 

While this may not always be a problem, there could be times when their approach or decisions don’t align with your expectations or preferences. 

The key is to have open communication with the agency and a well-defined game plan.

Talking with your link building agency about what to expect.

Hard To Find The Right Agency

The vast number of link building agencies available today can make finding the right one a daunting task, and the stakes are that much higher given the amount of low-quality services and scams in the industry.

Each agency will have its own approach, strengths, and weaknesses, and finding one that aligns with your business goals, industry, and company culture can require a lot of research and vetting. 

Be prepared to invest a good amount of time in finding the right agency, and don’t be afraid to try out more than one.

Recommendations, case studies, and content the agencies put out can help you find the right company that you really vibe with.

Bad Agencies Building Spam Backlinks

The world of SEO and link building, unfortunately, includes some players who rely on unethical or spammy tactics. 

Some agencies might promise quick results and deliver a large number of backlinks, but the quality of these links can often be very poor and can lead to situations that are difficult and time-consuming to repair (black hat link building).

As the famous quote goes, “Learn to inspect what you expect.”

Being able to audit a link building agency’s work will help a lot with this.

Potential Google Penalties

If your chosen link building agency uses black-hat tactics or strategies that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, your site could be penalized, resulting in a loss of search rankings and traffic. 

Potential penalties from link building.

This is why it’s crucial to ensure the agency you partner with follows link building best practices.

Again, being able to audit the agency’s work will go a long way here.

Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency across all your marketing materials is crucial for building trust and recognition among your audience. 

If your link building agency is also creating content for you, they need to understand and capture your brand voice accurately. 

To prevent this, make sure you communicate your brand guidelines clearly and consider agencies with experience in your industry or niche.

Costs More

While there are cost savings associated with not having to hire and train an in-house link building team, things will ultimately still cost more than if you were to do it yourself.

Like with many things, the tradeoff here is time vs. money.

If you have significant time to invest in hiring and training, doing things yourself could be the way to go. 

But in our experience, many that go this route end up failing due to a lack of good information from trustworthy sources, which ends up costing them even more than it would have to go with a link building company in the first place. 

Our Link Building Process

At SirLinksalot, we take pride in our white label link building process. 

It has been the driving force for creating tens of thousands of backlinks over the years and propelling countless sites into the top positions on Google.

A-La-Carte Backlink Orders

At our agency, we understand that every business has unique needs, and some would rather have more control over link building. 

A-la-carte backlink services.

Therefore, we offer a-la-carte backlink services

This allows you to choose specific link building services that suit your objectives best and allows you to choose things like your target URLs, anchor text, and so on.

Given the specifications you give us when placing your orders, we get the links built and delivered in a full, white-label report.

If you have some experience in SEO and link building and know exactly what you want, this might be the option for you.

A Discovery Session

For those that need more assistance than the a-la-carte ordering process provides, our Managed Link Building service could be for you.

This is a completely done-for-you service where you set a monthly budget, and we build a mixture of links each month based on your site’s current position and your goals.

The first step in the process is a discovery session where you fill out an application with some basic information about your site and your goals for the campaign. 

This helps us formulate a customized SEO link building strategy that aligns with your brand and objectives.

Research & Analysis

Once we have a firm understanding of your business and goals, we move into the research phase. 

This involves a full off-page SEO analysis, identifying potential link opportunities, studying your competitors, and understanding industry trends. 

Based on our findings, we then provide what we think is the best link building approach for your business. 

This approach is tailored to your specific situation and designed to deliver the best possible results based on our expertise and years of experience.

Before each new month, our link building experts perform our analysis again so that our decisions are always based on the most up-to-date information possible.

No Contracts with Monthly Deliverables

Once we agree on the strategy, you’ll be able to decide if you’d like to get started or not. 

Unlike many link building agencies, we don’t like you in with a contract. You can pay month by month, or you can opt to set up a recurring monthly plan that can be canceled at any time.

This way, you can choose to leave at any point if you feel like our services are not aligned with your goals, or if some unforeseen circumstance arises and you need to allocate funds elsewhere.

Monthly reports, including details of all links built, are delivered 28 days after payment was received. 

Link building reporting.

These reports also include our decision-making process, an Ahrefs snapshot, any suggestions we may have for you, and our current thoughts on the progress of the link building campaign.

Client Onboarding

The final step in our process is client onboarding. 

We’ll assign a dedicated account manager to your project, who will be your main point of contact throughout our partnership. 

They’ll guide you through our processes, request any additional information needed, and ensure you’re kept informed about the progress of your link building campaign. 

You’ll then be able to track your order in our client dashboard or contact your account manager at any time if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Our Backlink Packages and Pricing

At SirLinksalot, we are proud to have very competitive pricing for our link building packages, which makes our services great for agencies and resellers (all services are white-labeled) as well as end consumers.

We have a wide range of different link building packages, but they can be split up into a couple of groups to make things easier to digest: editorial links and pillow links.

Editorial links include our guest posts, niche edits, and PBN links. These are all contextual links in niche relevant articles on relevant sites that post content related to your niche. Excluding PBN links, these are websites that we do not own.

Pillow links are everything else: Pillow Links, Diversity Links, social signals, social profiles, and citations. These types of links are used for specialized tasks and for adding link diversity to your backlink profile.

Managed Link Building campaigns can utilize all of these services, and there is no additional charge for the campaign on top of the normal service price listed on our website.

Each service has different options (and sometimes tiers) which will affect pricing. Not every backlink is created equal, but all of our services are white label link building.

We also run monthly sales for specific link building packages, and we have a new client discount, bulk discounts, and more here.


Link building is an integral part of every successful SEO strategy, helping to improve your website’s visibility, drive more traffic, and increase your online authority. Choosing the right link building agency and the right type of link building services can make a substantial difference in your digital marketing efforts.

As we’ve discussed, not all link building services are created equal. 

It’s important to educate yourself and to avoid services that could potentially harm your website’s reputation or result in Google penalties.  

Opt for reputable agencies that adhere to best practices, prioritize quality over quantity, and offer clear, transparent reporting.

We know it may be overwhelming, and that’s exactly why we’re here to help. 

Even if you decide to go with another SEO link building agency, you can still make good use of our YouTube channel and Facebook Group to stay educated so that you can make the best decisions possible when it comes to building quality backlinks for your site.

I hope this has been helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are link building services?

Link building services provide backlinks pointing to the clients’ websites.

There are various types of link building services such as guest post outreach, broken link building, link insertions, resource link building, unlinked brand mentions, and so on.

The goal of these services is to create more inbound links to target websites. This will increase their SEO performance and the website’s ability to rank in search engines such as Google.

We are proud to consider ourselves the best link building service.

Why do you need link building services?

Your business needs link building services if you would like to rank higher or for more keywords on Google, but you don’t have the staffing or knowledge to build backlinks yourself.

According to SEO experts, backlinks are are an important Google ranking factor, and higher search rankings on Google can equate to increased website traffic and sales.

Backlinks help raise your domain authority. This lets Google (or any search engine) know that your site is a good source of quality content.

What is a link building agency?

A link building agency is a company, such as ourselves, that provides link building services to other websites and businesses.

Other companies might hire a link building agency as building quality links is a time-consuming process involving many team members.

Link building agencies are different from SEO agencies. SEO agencies also take care of on-page SEO, technical SEO, content, etc.

Link building agencies only take care of acquiring links which is about half of search engine optimization. Link building efforts help to get a high domain authority.

Does link building still work?

Yes, link building still works.

The way that SEOs have built links over time has changed as Google’s algorithm has evolved, and some things that worked ten years ago don’t still work today.

When looking for the top link building companies, you must find one that uses up-to-date link building tactics to get high quality backlinks on relevant websites.

How do link building services work?

Link building services work in various ways as there are many different types of link building strategies.

Guest post outreach, for example, involves link builders reaching out to trustworthy and authoritative websites with the hope of being allowed to post new articles on those websites.

Those articles would have backlinks to the target web page whose rankings you wanted to increase.

But guest post services are just one link building strategy, and a reputable link building company such as ourselves has various tactics at our disposal to secure backlinks from quality websites.

How much should I pay for link building?

How much you should pay for link building will vary greatly depending on how competitive your niche is and the types of links you are building.

You can see how much RD your competitors have using a tool like Ahrefs, and that will give you a general idea of how many backlinks you need to build to catch up and compete with them.

For things like guest posts and link insertions (editorial backlinks), businesses can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per link. For various sorts of pillow links, this cost is much lower and could be less than $1 per link.

What is the best link building strategy?

The best link building strategies today are guest posting (manual outreach) and niche edits (link insertions).

Link building experts love both of these strategies because they result in high quality links in blog posts on relevant, authoritative websites. They are also contextual links, meaning they appear in paragraphs of relevant information.

These link building tactics involve manual outreach (blogger outreach) to get a link placement on other websites, and these links do the most for your organic search engine rankings.

Things like broken link building were more popular in the past, but it’s much harder to secure broken links now as it’s more competitive.

How long does it take to see link building results?

It can take a few days to a few months to see link building results.

This is because Google does not want search engine rankings to move too quickly. If rankings moved too quickly, the online business landscape would be volatile.

Some things that can affect the speed of your results are your competitors, the age of your site, your current backlink profile, the quality of your content, etc.

When planning a white hat link building campaign, we advise planning to build links for at least six months to one year. But really, SEO link building should be an ongoing process, just like content creation.

This is why most SEO agencies prefer to lock their clients into contracts. They know that these things take time!

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